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The Healthy People Portage County website is under construction! Please check back frequently over the next few weeks and months as we update the website. If you have an feedback or ideas for the redesign, please go to the contact us page to let us know.
Healthy People Portage County began in 1999 as a community wide initiative with the goal of establishing an ongoing process for identifying and addressing health needs in Portage County.
The intent of Healthy People Portage County's Community Health Plan is to foster successful partnerships in order to improve the health of our community. A community assessment team representing a broad spectrum of Portage County constituencies including business, education, faith communities, government, health care, not-for-profit agencies and citizens reviewed county and state health data in relationship to State of Wisconsin health priorities and national health objectives for 2010 and beyond.
  • Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Use and Addiction
  • Mental Health and Mental Disorders
  • Overweight, Obesity and Lack of Physical Activity
All individuals committed to addressing any of these health priorities for Portage County are invited to join an Implementation Team of the Community Health Plan for 2005-2010, and work on incentives. Contact the Public Health Planner at garskeg@co.portage.wi.us for more information. You can also look at the LIFE Report for Portage County, which provides a snapshot of the health status of the community.
Your involvement WILL make a difference in the health of our county.